Behind The Rainbow Flag : LGBT, The Human Rights and Pride As A Muslim

 Behind The Rainbow Flag : LGBT, The Human Rights and Pride As A Muslim

Last 26th June, the Supreme Court of the United States of America have decided to legalize same-sex marriage in at least 50 states of the country. The court ruled that the denial of marriage licenses and recognition to same-sex couples violates the Due Process and the Equal Protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.  These surely have been a great success for LGBT fighters as their fighting journey actually have started as early as 1990s in order to fulfil their dreams to ensure that their sexual desire for the same sex to be recognized by law. They then celebrated their success in 4th July and called it as their “Independence Day”.

Up to date, 23 countries have legalized same-sex marriage : Argentina (2010), Belgium (2003), Brazil (2013), Canada (nationwide 2005), Denmark (2012), Finland (eff. 2017) France (2013), Greenland (Oct. 2015) Iceland (2010), Ireland (eff. TBD) Luxembourg (2015), Mexico (nationwide, eff. TBD) Netherlands (2001), New Zealand (2013), Norway (2009), Portugal (2010), Slovenia (eff. TBD), South Africa (2006), Spain (2005), Sweden (2009), Uruguay (2013), United Kingdom (England and Wales, 2014), United States and territories (nationwide 2015) and the United States became the twenty-first and most populous country to legalize it.

The history of LGBT/LGBTQ/LGBTIQ motion is actually started from middle to late 1980s. This community was at first called as ‘gay community’ but this term definitely doesn’t fit at all as there was also a group of lesbians, bisexuals and also transgender. They then rename it by taking the initial of each group, hence the term LGBT is formed. In 1996, some added Q to LGBT which stands for ‘queer’ for people who are questioning for their sexual identity. Now, LGBT is intended to emphasize a diversity of sexuality and gender identity based culture.

The Human Right Campaign (HRC) was promoted and become their main argument to push the Supreme Court of the US to accept the marriage equality. This LGBT community which makes about 4% of total human population claims that their preferences for sexual relationship should be treated as equal as other opposite-sex marriage like normal people. They try to make as if their condition is actually not their choice, they just born with it, nothing absolutely wrong about it and also they have right over it. All people according to them should be treated the same, as ‘no one is holier than thou’.

“When all Americans are treated as equal, we are all move free.” -HRC

This conversation had been recorded long time ago in the Holy Quran, in Surah An-Naml verse 54-56 :

“And [mention] Lot, when he said to his people, “Do you commit immorality while you are seeing? (54)Do you indeed approach men with desire instead of women? Rather, you are a people behaving ignorantly.” (55)But the answer of his people was not except that they said, “Expel the family of Lot from your city. Indeed, they are people who keep(claims) themselves pure.”(56)”

What we have here is a summarized version of Lot’s history and the decision taken by his people to drive him out of their town because he denounced their perverted sexual practices. By so indulging unashamedly in homosexuality, they perverted human nature which God had installed in all human being and indeed in living species generally.

This was a strange phenomenon in the history of human communities, even nowadays. Perversion can occur with individuals, as a result of psychological disorders or temporary circumstances, leading men to have sex with other men (or women) but for such practices to be widespread, becoming the norm in a whole town, and despite the presence of women and marriage possibilities, it is most peculiar indeed.

What was Lot’s people’s reply to his denunciation of their wrong doing and his urging them to revert to natural practices?

In a nutshell, they planned to drive him, and those who followed him, away, for no reason other than that they maintained their purity: “His people’s only answer was: ‘Expel Lot’s people from your city! They are folks who keep themselves pure.” (Verse 56)”

Their statement ridiculed anyone who sought to keep himself pure of such abominable practice. It also objected to his disapproval of their practice. They were so deep in their deviation that they could not realize how filthy their practice was. Their reply also indicated their opposition to the very idea of keeping themselves pure, because that would make them refrain from such perversion. Whatever they meant, they had nonetheless made up their minds to remove Lot from the picture.

This ‘no one is holier than thou’ thought is very dangerous and destroying humanity. People can do anything they want under their so called human right. This minority group will engage in ‘victim playing’ (also known as playing the victim or self-victimization)   to justify abuse of others, to manipulate others, as if they are the one that their right is not equally served and also to seek for other’s attention.

Hence what happen next? Seems that many of the population show their support and congratulate the LGBT group for their success by sharing the rainbow flag proudly in the social media.  Even some Muslims do the same, no exception.

We as a muslim should not take this lightly. Showing support is not relevant at all. The pride (izzah)  of being a Muslim is slowly fading away with Muslims started diluting their principles and being over apologetic to others, especially for the things Muslims hold as principle. We should stand and speaks out the truth. Islam is truly superior to other religion in this world because our deen is from Allah, the One and Only to be worshipped.

“And who (is) better (in) speech than (one) who invites to Allah and does righteous (deeds) and says, “Indeed, I am of those who submit?(muslimin)” (41:33)

So I’m calling for all Muslims especially in Malaysia, not to fall in the mind trapping game of our genius enemies nowadays. We have to stand up and say what is actually right and what is actually wrong (according to Islam) so that our community would not get confused or mistaken.  Rather than being over apologetic to others, we should feel sorry to ourselves for not being able to glorify Islam in this world today. So let us change for the better!!

11246375_10207363647076372_8266457040014171205_nSyazana Aqilah Binti Zulfaka

year 6, faculty of Medicine

Alexandria University

ISMA Iskandariah activist