Islam VS Human Rights

 Islam VS Human Rights


I would like to share a little bit about Syariah Islamiyya. Everytime I learn Islamic Jurispudence, the more amused I get with the religion that Allah has blessed Muslims with.

So, this year we have a subject called Ahwal Syaksiah which literally is a subject the explains the rullings of Islamic family building comprehensively from before the engagement till the child’s education.

It is very amusing because every time I learn something new about syariah islamiyya I get so excited and feel so blessed that Allah made me a Muslim.

I get mesmerized by its beauty and how it relate with life.

So here’s some of what I have learned,

When a man wants to ask a woman for marriage there two ways to do it
1. Either to give a hint which if translated into Arabic is Ta’reed
2. Straight forward which if translated into Arabic is Tasreeh

But there are few rules that the man should take into account too:
Firstly, The women must not be muharramah
– either permanantly for example sister , mother , aunts and etc
– or temporarily like in laws.

Number two ,that the person cannot ask for marriege from a woman who is in her ‘Iddah of Tolaq Rajie( the first divorcement)
Because the husband might want to get back with wife.
But in the case if the woman is in her ‘iddah because her husband passed away a man can only ask for marriage by giving a hint (ta’reed) and not straight fowardly.

Yes why? Her husband just passed away. Theres no chance that the couple will get back together in this world. So why did Islam prohibits to ask for marriage straight forwardly but insist if want to do so do it by giving hints until the day comes when the woman finishes her ‘iddah.

This is because Islam promotes the rights of the dead. Eventhough the husband is 6 feet underground but his rights as a husband and a human being that has feeling and emotions needs to be respected. The man who wants the widows hands for marriage needs to consider the dead before making any drastic move.

Islam does not just gives rights to the ones who are a a life but indeed the whole mankind. Either alive or dead.

So here’s my two cents to those who preach people in the name of human rights. The human rights that you fight for cannot compete with the rights that Allahu S.W.T has provided for mankind through the His religion, Islam.
اليوم اكملت لكم دينكم و اممت عليمن نعمتي ر رضيت لكم الاسلام دينا.

Aisha Kamilia Hani Rosli
Kuliah Syariah Islamiyyah Tahun 2 Universiti Al-Azhar