Evangelists : are we being too adamant?

 Evangelists : are we being too adamant?


Popes, pastors, priests, missionaries.

Malaysia is a widely known established Muslim country, and recently took an uproar by a certain Evangelist movement. The group seems to be causing discord upon religious constitutions and JAIS. This was further tensed by a certain NGO’s quite confusing coalition in remanding JAIS. As a quick response, ISMA published articles and statements pushing back the issue to them in hope the statement will be revised and corrected.

Majority of Malaysians perceived that Christian movements here in the country are dormant. They are not. For the last fifty years they seem to be more aggressive, silently sharpening their claws throughout the time. These Christian groups, empowered by the Evangelists now has Father Murphy Pakiam defending and insisting on the rights to keep using the word Allah  in their Bible in Bahasa Melayu. This issue has further aggravated the dispute already existent in the Muslim community in which different political views stand in the way of Muslim unity.

What exactly happened during the last decade in Malaysia especially the Christians? They seem to be more aggressive and direct in their activity. As if they have nothing to fear. Fundraising, sports  days, feeding the poor, charity works, orphanages and old folks home, not just locally but internationally. It begs the question. How much resources, manpower and wealth have they got in their coffers and from where does it come from? How do they generate it to earn more? Maybe it was not well documented in the past 50 years but now it has obtained mass accreditation by both Christians and other religions alike. The Christians who sided with the Evangelists are constantly asking questions and demanding answers on religious constitutions and human rights.

Malaysia as a constitutionally Islamic country, was stripped of its pride due to these demands and questioning. Failing to respond to their demands, appearing weak. This is maybe, just maybe the highest peak of Muslim-Christian dogma since the draft of the constitution and also maybe one of the peaks of the clash of races since 13th May 1969.

Evangelists – a paranoia?

Missionaries all around the world have sown a belief in their hearts that Jesus is The Saviour.  From having the guts in building the biggest church in Southeast Asia to the humiliating conversion of multiple races towards Christianity, the Evangelists are sure to be proud of what they have laboured. A crippling sight to behold, now that the priests, fathers and missionaries have become a source of power and inspiration among the Christian community. They now sound like the Vatican whilst in a constitutional traditional Muslim country. Terrifying indeed.


If we turn our attention to JAIS, from some of the Christians point of view, JAIS looks no more than a corrupt band of bandits ransacking churches and seizing bibles contrary to JAIS, who views themselves as the vanguard of the constitution. Make no mistake, it is to be a clash of dogmas. If you are an Evangelist, the Hindus and Buddha would be preyed upon, like a lion waiting in the shadows, stalking and observing its prey. Converting them to Christianity would be easier than taking candy from a baby. Why? Simple. The Hindus and Buddhist base their beliefs on god by cultural and traditional beliefs. Many of them did convert and we can see that not many are entering the folds of Hinduism and Buddhism. So the main problem for the Evangelists is the Muslims in Malaysia which adhere closely and try to preach and act accordingly to the deep values of Islam.

Too many who speaks of Islam were liberals, basing their knowledge of Islam according to what they perceive and uphold to be true only by logic, not based on the Quran and Sunnah. There are even those translating the Quran and Hadeeth  using their own understanding and other external factors, such as political  ambitions or personal gains, and not based from the Islamic scholars.

Suddenly the evangelists became intimidated due to the rising Islamists NGO’s like ISMA, who has been fighting to  empower the Malaysian Muslim nation. Complementing  the roles of existing religious authorities such as  JAKIM and JAIS in becoming the vanguards  Malaysia.

How to deal with the Muslim population?

The Evangelist’s job is simple; tarnish and smear the identity of religious institutions such as JAIS and JAKIM and use every means possible to deny their constitutional power; up to the extent to absolve it altogether. Then let the human rights movement push the Evangelist agenda forward in making the country a more Christian-friendly country, or perhaps even into a Christian country, gasp! The Evangelists will also try to influence the policymakers in giving control and power to the missionaries to convert the people out of the folds of Islam. On top of that the liberals are siding with the Evangelist Christians to change the constitution so that it will benefit  the liberals. The liberals are sacrificing their Deen for control of the constitution and without a single clue to what will happen when Evangelists get a hold of power. They lie and deceive in order to confuse the Muslim community whose roots are easily torn such as the “kalimah Allah” and the “rumah ibadat” issues. Alas above all odds, winning based on lies and deceit never last, that I am sure. Liars have a way of getting caught red handed in the end.

The Muslims should really understand the dangers of the Evangelist Christians, their tactics, their games, in order for us to build towards the desired Malaysian Muslim country. Not the other way around and side with them. We shouldn’t let go of the power that we have by loosening the borders of our faith thus becoming a sacrificial pawn in their games.

“And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion. Say, “Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance.” If you were to follow their desires after what has come to you of knowledge, you would have against Allah no protector or helper.”Holy Quran (2:120)

Muhammad Suhayl Bin Musauddin
Mohamad Aiman Bin Mohd Radzman
Aiman Bin Azman
Medical Students of Alexandria University,Egypt